Help & Support

Here at Data Developments we aim to design and produce software packages that will assist users in the day-to-day running of their church, charity or organisation.

We have therefore developed a variety of ways in which users can gain help and support with their packages.

Our expert and friendly technical support team are available by phone, email or post and are happy to help with queries you may have, whether it ranges from the highly technical or the simple ‘How to’.

Each of our desktop applications you purchase comes with:

  • 90 days free technical support via telephone, email and letter. You can defer the start date of your free support by contacting us within the first 30 days of receiving the package by calling our sales team. We also offer annual support contracts after the initial free period has expired.
  • A Startup Guide to take you through the initial setup and installation of the program.
  • An online help facility, which provides all the information from the manual accessible whilst you are actually using the program. It includes the opportunity to view the entire ‘Help’ file, search for a particular query, or view details on the screen you are currently using.
  • An in-depth manual, covering all of the key features, available as a PDF file to view and print as you wish.

And with our online application subscriptions:

  • Free technical support via telephone, email and letter.
  • Help & How to videos made available on various pages of the application

In addition to the above you can attend our webinars designed to give you a better understanding of our online apps. Details regarding our webinars can be found on our Training page

Support Request Form

If you require technical support on any of our programs please Log into your account and then submit the form available under the create option on this page.