Online Streaming

Live Streaming Church services and Charity events 

Streaming services professionally for the future

During the pandemic the streaming of services and events needed to start quickly to enable people to participate from the safety of their own home. In doing so this opened up a new opportunity for people to access these services or events who may not have been able to attend in person. 

So much has been learned about this during the pandemic, for example:

  • YouTube requires 100 subscribers to get a friendly URL, 1000 subscribers to allow people to view your stream on mobile devices – and your stream quality is often downgraded
  • For Facebook you need to be friends with the person or organisation, links need to be shared, adverts keep popping up, donations can be hard to manage especially with Gift Aid
  • Other platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams are designed for conferencing and participation and do not really lend themselves well to broadcasting
  • When churches and events begin again with singing and music there is a potential for YouTube and Facebook to disable your feed without notice due to actual or perceived copyright violations
  • Whilst streaming from mobile phones might be easy and convenient, it is rarely a decent quality picture and sound and synchronisation can be a problem, which can be frustrating for the viewer
  • And if you don’t want to use a phone you need to get a dedicated camera, which can bring it’s own set of issues.
If this all sounds familiar and you’re looking to start streaming or improve your setup with the ability for your audience to make online donations whilst watching…..

Look no further

Data Developments have partnered with Seccom Group to offer their professional streaming services matched with our donations and gift aid software. It can be daunting knowing to where to start with online streaming and then working out how to get donations online.  

Whether it is holding the hand of someone starting from scratch or providing a platform for services without any ads, marketing etc. this is where the support and services offered by Seccom and Data Developments can really help.  

There are three different levels depending on your needs: 

Just Stream
Why re-invent the wheel – if you have all of the equipment and technical know-how, but don’t want to be restricted by the limitations of (or can’t use) a free service then you can just use their streaming services.  

You can have your own branding and logo’s, there are no ads, no marketing and you can have a visible Donate Now button available just below your streaming service, which enables viewers to donate and gift aid their donation whilst watching the service. 

There is no AI to cut your stream off for alleged copyright violations and Seccom will also help ensure that you have the correct CCLI licence in place for online streaming. 

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Stream out of the box 

If you’re not sure what equipment to buy this could be the option for you. All of the equipment you need will be configured and tested by Seccom and then delivered to your door ready for you to stream. It’s as simple as that! 

Online and telephone support is there to help you get setup and 12 months support is included. You can stream to your favourite platforms or utilise the Just Stream option at a discounted rate for the first year. 

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Fully managed Streaming 

This is the perfect package for anyone who wants to stream online but doesn’t know where to start. It is a tailored solution to your individual requirements 

An initial survey is performed and the streaming solution is designed, project managed, installed, tested and supported by Seccom. Just leave it to the professionals. 

This is available with or without the Just Streaming option 

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