Cloud Application
MyFundAccouting.Online is our complete cloud based fund accounting package. Designed to make managing your organisations accounts, in line with The Charity Commission’s requirements, simple and stress free.
  • Unlimited funds and nominal codes – Everyone handles their money differently so we allow you to create as many funds and nominal codes (bank accounts, income and expenditure etc) as your require.
  • Transaction assistants – Guide you through recording even the most confusing of transactions step-by-step.
  • Complete audit trail – Every transaction is assigned a unique Audit # which is tracked and maintained throughout the application, no matter what changes you may make to a transaction.
  • Speed up input – Create memorised and template transactions for those items you input regularly, to make the day-to-day use of the program quicker and easier.
  • Flexibility – Manage your accounts as either Receipts and Payments or Prepayments and Accruals.
  • Reporting – Produce all of the standard accounting reports such as Balance Sheet, SOFA, Trial Balance and Transaction Listings.
  • Monitor Spending – Set budgets for this year and next, and produce reports to show your actual against budget with variance.
  • Transfer Donations – Transfer donations directly from MyGiving.Online either manually or automatically overnight.
  • Import transactions – Use your online bank statements to import transactions directly into MyFundAccounting. Mapping facilities allow you to select where individual items should be recorded and frequently occurring items will be memorised automatically.
  • Simplified Year-end Procedures – When it’s time to finalise your accounts, unlimited user profiles mean you can grant access to your Trustee’s, Auditor or Independent Examiner without the need to exchange data backups via USB or email. Plus customisable permissions mean that you’re in control of what they can and can’t access.
  • Access your accounts from anywhere – As long as you have an internet connection you can access MyFundAccounting from anywhere, on almost any device. So it’s easy to switch from working in the office to working form home.

Monthly Costs
MyFundAccounting.Online costs £15 per month including VAT. This includes:
  • Use of the software
  • As many users as you wish
  • Unlimited transactions, funds and nominal codes
  • All version upgrades
  • Technical support by telephone, email and support ticket.

If you are a group of churches (such as a Parish) then the first church would cost £15 per month
and each subsequent church within the Parish would simply require an additional licence at a
cost of £4 per month including VAT.
Price # Quantity

£15.00 +

£4.00 per additional licence

* incl. VAT


per Month