Cloud Application

Our online version of Finance Co-ordinator – MyFundAccounting.Online – carries the same DNA as Finance
Co-ordinator but is updated to offer more flexibility and simplicity whilst still retaining the same compliance with Charity Commission and OSCR requirements that makes Finance Co-ordinator so popular.

MyFundAccounting.Online is designed to manage the accounts for churches and charities and enable reports to be produced in compliance with the Charity Commission and OSCR requirements. It manages funds with ease and includes a selection of pre-designed account structures for various different denominations and organisations, making setting up the accounts a breeze.

Both Receipts & Payments and Pre-payment & Accruals accounts can be produced and a large number of reports are available including Balance sheet, SOFA, fund reports, budget reports and analysis reporting.

Features include:

  • Create unlimited funds and nominal accounts including income, expenditure, current assets etc.
  • Edit and void transactions at the click of a button
  • Reverse transactions to simplify the entry of adjustments and refunds
  • Robust audit system is maintained throughout
  • Create memorised and template transactions to save data entry
  • Create budgets for key monitoring and analysis purposes
  • All the standard accounting reports are available
  • Fund accounting reports also available
  • Export reports and data to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT, DBF and Open office
  • Produce charts and graphs
  • Plus much more

Save time and work

  • Import transactions directly from a bank statement rather than having to type them in
  • Import donations directly from MyGiving.Online saving duplication of work
  • Share the work – create as many different users as you wish but only giving each the access rights you decide
  • Enable read-only access so that trustees can log in and see the accounts but not change anything
  • Work on multiple organisations easily and simply without the need to exchange backups
  • Work at the office, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Work from a computer, Apple Mac, iPad, Android, Tablet or virtually any browser enabled device


  • No complete credit/debit card or bank details are stored at any point
  • Our servers are all PCI DSS compliant
  • Our site is tested by a completely independent specialist security company to ensure everything remains secure.
  • Our servers are monitored by technical support staff 24/7
  • The site is backed up regularly

For more information please email: [email protected] or speak to our Sales team on 01902 714030.

How much does it costs?

£15 per month (incl VAT)

What does this include?
  • Use of the software for a single branch
  • Use of the mobile app
  • Unlimited number of users
  • All future updates and upgrades
  • Technical Support by phone and email

For each additional branch you may require, the monthly fee will increase by £4

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Price # Quantity

£15.00 +

£4.00 per additional licence

* incl. VAT


per Month