Products for Faith Groups & Charities

We have been providing software to Churches and Charities since 1985. In this time we have built a reputation for producing quality software designed to meet a wide range of needs and backed up with excellent technical support.


Donations & Gift Aid

Giving is a fundamental part of all Churches and Charities. Our donations software enables you to easily receive, manage and claim on your one-off, regular and anonymous giving.

Unlimited Donors and Donations

We know that Churches and Charities come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no limit to the number of donors or donations you can record.

HMRC Accredited Claims Procedure

The built in claims procedure will save you time and give you peace of mind. Submit your claim with just the click of the button, and Donations Co-ordinator will check that all the required details are present and correct before submitting it to the HMRC.

Produce Chart and Graphs

Make your giving easier to understand with a variety of pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. All of which can be exported and combined with your financial reports for AMG’s and month end meetings.

GDPR Compliant

Password protected and encrypted backups for your security. Plus easily delete donor and donation details once they are no longer required.

Easily Manage GASDS Donations

Record, track and claim on your loose plate collections and other donations that qualify for the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.

Transfer Donations to Finance Co-ordinator

Save time and reduce the need to duplicate input, simply transfer your donations directly into our accounts package Finance Co-ordinator.

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Reduce Workload

With the facility to import donations directly from your online bank statements, Paypal, Just Giving, Parish Giving and your own website the number of transactions you need to enter manually is reduced.

Cross Platform Compatibility

This cloud based application can be used on; PC’s, Apple Mac’s, Tablets and almost any device with an internet connection.

Increase Giving

With the unique ability to communicate with your website you can receive online donations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Share the Work

Unlimited user accounts means anyone within your organisation can be granted access to the software. Plus the ‘read-only’ option and customisable permissions means you are in control of what they can and can’t do.

Contactless Terminal Integration

Keep track of all your giving by seamlessly integrating with our Contactless Giving Terminals.

Built on Success

MyGiving.Online is the cloud based version of our successful desktop application Donations Co-ordinator, offering all the same, well loved features and facilities plus much more.

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Finances & Fund Accounting

Successful money management enables you to ensure your organisation thrives. Our finance packages make double-entry bookkeeping simple and accessible for everyone.

Enter transactions with Ease

Step-by-step transaction assistants have been specifically designed to help even the newest treasurer manage their accounts.

Produce in-depth Financial Reports as required by the Charity Commission

There are a variety of reports available including Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, SOFA, Statement of Assets and Liabilities and many more. Plus easily create your combined Trustee’s Annual Report with the click of a button.

Keep Track of your Spending

Our comprehensive and flexible budgeting tool enables you to easily track and report on your income and expenditure against budget.

Cloud Backup

Easily backup and share your data using Dropbox, One-Drive, Google-Drive and many more.

Automatically Caters for all kind of Accounts

Whether you are running Receipts and Payments or Prepayments and Accruals, Finance Co-ordinator can handle them all.

Import Transactions from Donations Co-ordinator

Reduce your workload by importing donations directly from our Gift Aid software Donations Co-ordinator.

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Simplified Year-end Procedures

When it’s time to complete your accounts at year end, unlimited user profiles enable you to easily provide access to your Independent Examiner/Auditor and Trustee’s without the need to install software or exchange data backups.

Access your Accounts from Anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection you can access MyFundAccounting from anywhere and on almost any device. So it’s easy to switch from working in the office, to working at home.

Save Time

Import transactions directly from your online Bank Statements. Mapping facilities enable you to select which Nominal Code/Fund a transaction should be recorded against, and will easily memorise frequent payments, such as utility bills, so they’ll be automatically allocated each month onwards.

Peace of Mind

All of our servers are PCI DSS compliant, tested by a completely independent security team, monitored by technical support staff 24/7 and backed up regularly.

In-depth Reporting

Produce all of your financial reports as required by the Charity Commission including; Balance Sheet, SOFA, Trial Balance, Budgets reports and many more.

Robust Audit Trail

Every transaction you enter into the software is allocated a unique Audit Number which is continually tracked and updated even when a transaction is edited, voided or reversed so you can always follow through the changes that have been made.

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Membership & Administration

Community is at the heart of all Churches and Charities. Our admin software helps you to easily keep track of the people you support, upcoming events, tasks and rotas.

Unlimited People Records

Community knows no bounds so our membership system enables you to create unlimited amounts of people and family records.

Track Day-to-day Activities

With tasks, groups and rotas you’ll always be up-to-date with what is going on within your organisations.

Membership Directory

Produce a booklet style members directory, with the option to add or remove individual and family photographs.

User Designed Fields

User designed fields offer you the flexibility of recording customised information, unique to your organisations. Such as additional dates, text fields, drop-down boxes and checkboxes.

Family Integration

Family details such as addresses, home telephone numbers and email address are automatically applied to all members of a single household. To save you having to duplicate information.


Continously monitor your database with filters that adapt and update in real-time and based on the data you enter.

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Record an unlimited number of people and family records


Setup relationships for immediate and distant relatives

Tailor the data held

Create an unlimited amount of user defined fields to tailor the information you can stored exactly to your requirements

Teams & Groups

Manage groups, meetings (face to face and online) and attendance with ease

Fees & Subscriptions

Manage clubs and subscription fees


Work at the office, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection

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