Contactless Giving

Since the introduction of contactless payments in 2007, the popularity of paying by cash has been in a slow decline. As a result of this people are less inclined to withdraw money from their bank accounts, consequently carrying less loose change on their person, and instead choosing to pay for even the smallest amounts by card. 

This new way of thinking, although convenient for the individual, is not an ideal situation if your organisation’s finances rely on visitors donating via a loose plate collection, via a giving box out on the street or in a fixed location.  

If your organisation is reliant on spur-of-the-moment giving or loose plate collections, implementing a facility to receive contactless donations may be a good step forward. Particularly as collecting small change has always been a time-consuming task for volunteers who have to count it, produce a banking slip and take it to an ever-decreasing number of banks on the high street. 

Contactless makes everything easier and more automated, and when used in conjunction with our donations management system, MyGiving.Online, the overall benefit, of contactless giving could be quite substantial. 

MyGiving.Online enables you to easily import your contactless donations, either automatically via integration with Give a Little or manually via an excel file / CSV file / or online banking if you are using an alternative processor. 

These donations can then be reported on and automatically included within your financial accounts if using MyFundAccounting.Online. Plus, for those donations where the donor can be identified you can also send thank you letters and let them know how their donations have furthered your organisations work. 

You can also use MyGiving.Online to claim gift aid directly from the HMRC on the contactless donations you receive, either as an anonymous donation allocated towards your GASDS allowance or as a Gift Aid donation where the donor can be identified and they have a valid Gift Aid declaration in place. MyGiving.Online includes the facility to track and receive this information and to submit it the HMRC as part of your claim. 

For receiving and managing your contactless donations MyGiving.Online currently integrates with the following third-party applications and devices: 

CollecTin More - Changing the way you fundraise 

As we shift from cash to contactless payments as a society, more and more churches are joining in. 

The CollecTin More is a great way to boost your fundraising for the causes that need it most. In fact, on average people tend to donate just over £10 each time with the CollecTin More compared to just 90p - £1.70 in total monthly via cash.   

Now fully integrated into the My Giving platform, it enables a simple and quick process of reclaiming Gift Aid, increasing the value of ad-hoc donations.  

Using the Give a Little app the CollecTin More allows you to fundraise anywhere and everywhere, all you need is a network connection through Wifi or a mobile signal.   

As well as the CollecTin More being great for face to face fundraising , it can also be attached to a wall or counter top, using a secure mount so you’re always able to accept donations.   

As people change their ways, and no longer carry cash , this is the time to turn to contactless payments.   

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