Finance Coordinator v4

Desktop Application

Finance Co-ordinator is a double entry fund accounting package, designed to manage the accounts for churches and charities as required by the Charity Commission. It has a selection of pre-designed account structures for various different denominations and organisations throughout the UK, based on both Receipts and Payments and Pre-payments and Accruals systems. Finance Co-ordinator easily handles funds, budgets, cost centres, standing orders, debtors and creditors, journal entry transactions and bank reconciliation. It has a large variety of reports including an in-depth and customisable transaction listings report, Balance sheet report, SOFA report, Statement of Asset and Liabilities report, budget reports, cost centre reports and much more.


  • Create unlimited funds and nominal accounts, including income and expenditure codes, current assets, fixed assets and liabilities
  • Robust audit system maintained
  • Import transactions from Donations Co-ordinator easily
  • Edit and void transactions at the click of a button
  • The automatic reversal facility makes entering adjustments and refunds simple
  • Create memorised and template transactions to make the day-to-day use of the program easier and quicker
  • Record budgets for this year and next year for each of your income and expenditure accounts and your funds
  • Produce detailed budget reports displaying actual against budget with variance
  • A wide variety of step-by-step assistants have been especially designed to help people who are new to accounting systems or computerised accounts. They include:

Entering Starting Balances
Recording income/expenditure transactions
Bank and fund transfers
Entering and settling debtors and creditors
Recording loans and repayments (including interest)
Agency collections (third party collections)
Prepayments and Accruals
Managing Fixed Assets including the purchase of, depreciation of, disposal of and much more.

  • You can set a preferred fund for each of your nominal codes. So when you’re creating new transactions it will default to the preferred fund and save you time when entering transactions.
  • Manage accounts for both Receipts and Payments or Prepayments and Accruals
  • Various checks are made throughout the use of Finance Co-ordinator to ensure that your accounts always remain in balance
  • Create income and expenditure standing orders whether weekly, 4-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, 6-monthly or annually – there is even the facility set the frequency based on a number of days
  • Suppliers, grantors and agencies can all be stored with contacts details, and transactions recorded against them


  • All of the standard accounting reports are available including the Balance Sheet report, SOFA report, trial balance report, detailed trial balance, audit trails and transaction details
  • Automatically produce a paginated Trustees’ Annual Report as a word document – including the facility to include your own introduction and conclusion documents
  • The report finder makes finding reports of the information you require easy – simply use a selection of checkboxes to set the criteria and Finance Co-ordinator will display the appropriate reports
  • You can even use the Report Finder to set reports as favourites so the reports you use frequently are even easier to find
  • The comprehensive transaction listing report is fully customisable allowing you to report on all of the transactions, just those recorded against a particular nominal code or group of codes, a particular fund or group of funds or just those that have been entered in a particular way or through a particular screen/assistant. Plus many more options.
  • Plus if you find yourself customising the transactions listings report in a certain way regularly, you can even store the setting and recall them whenever you want to produce that report again
  • Export reports and data to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT, DBF and Open Office

Charts and graphs

    The built in Charts and Graphs facility enables you to produce your reports in an easy and understandable format. Whether you want to produce pie charts, bar charts or lline graphs each report has a variety of different options available and can all be exported to Word for simplified presentation and distribution. This facility makes your financial reports much easier to understand especially for those people who may not be used to reading financial reports.

Backup to the ‘Cloud’

    A strong backup procedure is an important part of any organisation and equally important is ensuring that backups are stored offsite. With Finance Co-ordinator you can now backup your files directly to Dropbox, Google drive etc. These backups will be compressed zipped files which can be restored by Finance Co-ordinator if necessary. If the worse should happen and your computer is stolen, crashes etc you can be sure that you backup will be safe in the ‘Cloud’.


  • A palette of seven pastel colours makes screens and tabbed pages easy to navigate – you can even customise the colours to suit your preferences
  • By stretching or reducing the size of windows you can increase or reduce the font size
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* 90 days free support