Tap ‘N’ Go Giving

The Smarter Way to Accept Donations

The Donation Tap and Go device is an affordable contactless device that enables churches and charities to quickly accept contactless donations. Compact and cost-effective, the device is portable and is aimed at enabling people, especially those people who may be visiting, passing by or don’t attend regularly, to donate easily without cash – as most people nowadays don’t carry cash.

These people are unlikely to sign up to a standing order or regular donation scheme and currently there may be no other way, without cash, for them to make a donation. This means that the church or charity could be losing out on a significant amount of donations.

The donation tap and go device processes one of three ‘set’ donation amounts for example £3, £5 or £10 (which can be determined by you) and donors simply select the amount, and tap their card to make a donation, quick and easy. The device doesn’t need a phone line, power (it can be run from a battery) or anybody to stand with it.

The device can be placed in church for services, outside for fundraising events, at concerts, quiz nights or in other locations such as supermarkets or memory cafés etc. It is the perfect way to accept ‘spur of the moment’ donations.

Collecting Small Donations is now Simple and Effective

Collecting small change has always been a time consuming task for volunteers who have to count it, produce a banking slip and take it to an ever decreasing number of banks on the high street. Cash collections have become less effective due to the shift towards card payments and a reduction in the use of cash generally in society. Our tap and go contactless terminal provides churches and charities with the opportunity to accept donations electronically and securely at any location.

Contactless donations can now be included as GASDS eligible and so, the donations received by this device, will automatically be imported into MyGiving.Online our online donations system. This means that, with no extra work for the Gift Aid secretary, a donor taps a donation, which is automatically recorded as a contactless donation in MyGiving.Online and allocated towards the church or charities GASDS allocation.

To further maximise the benefit of contactless donations made through this device if a donor registers their details with MyGiving.Online it is possible for us to link the contactless donation to an individual donor record. This means that gift aid could be claimed on that particular donation rather than GASDS, thus maximising the gift aid and GASDS potential from each contactless donation and adding a potential additional 25% to each contactless donation, with no extra work.

Benefits for your Church or Charity

  • Removes the barrier of ‘no spare change’ making it simple to donate with contactless cards
  • Increases the donation potential at any fundraising event
  • Maximises the GASDS and Gift Aid potential from each contactless donation
  • No extra work for the Gift Aid Secretary
  • Maximises donations by moving the device between locations
  • Display or promote your church or charities, campaigns and achievements on the customisable banner
  • Saves time and reduces the cost and risk of counting and banking cash
  • Fully secure card payments, paid electronically to your account.
  • Fully electronic, reducing the opportunity for theft


  • Contactless-only payment technology using three preset configurable donation amounts
  • Maximise the GASDS and gift aid potential from each contactless donation
  • Cloud based management allows set up and ongoing maintenance, as well as donation reporting
  • Fully encrypted secure communications to the bank
  • Wireless connectivity provides maximum portability
  • Small footprint takes up little space