Gift Aid & GASDS Service

We have developed a new Gift Aid and GASDS scheme aimed to help smaller Churches and Charities get the most out of their Gift Aided donations and Loose Plate Collections.

With the introduction of Charities Online and the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme submitting your claim can seem like a daunting process, particularly if you only receive a small amount of donations each month.

However with the majority of donations now harbouring the potential to increase your income by 20% you could be missing out on much needed additional money.

So how would this new Gift Aid service work?

  • Your organisation would continue to keep manual records of your donors and donations. As well as the Gift aid declarations your donors are required to sign in order to claim Gift Aid on the money they donate.
  • Data Developments would use these manual records to enter the initial donor information into Donations Co-ordinator.
  • Each quarter a ‘donations due’ report would be sent to your organisation from Data Developments detailing the donors that have already been entered and requesting the totals given by each donor for that period.
  • Any new donors, one-off donations and the total eligible GASDS donations (loose plate collections) are also entered onto this return.
  • Once received by Data Developments these would be entered into Donations Co-ordinator.
  • After the information has been entered a ‘pre-claim’ report would be produced showing what will be included in the claim and sent to the authorised person at the church/charity to confirm that everything has been entered correctly.
  • Once the pre-claim report is confirmed and returned to us the claim is submitted to the HMRC via the Charities Online facility
  • After the claim has been processed, the money reclaimed is paid directly into the church’s bank by the HMRC.
  • If required thank you letters or personal tax statements could be supplied to the church for each donor.


  • Your organisation would be able to claim Gift Aid and GASDS each quarter without the need to complete and send time consuming manual claims or use the HMRC’s online facility.
  • One-off envelopes from visitors can be included in the service so maximising the potential gift aid return
  • Quarterly claims will help ease cash flow across the year.
  • The service helps support the work of gift aid secretaries making it easier to find new volunteers when required
  • Reports can be produced from Donations Co-ordinator to help improve reporting and analysis of giving.
  • Thank you letters and tax statements can be produced for donors
  • If the HMRC change the claiming procedures in future (forms, gateway changes etc.) this will be managed by Data Developments


The cost of this new service is £25 minimum per quarter or 1% of the total donations received, whichever is the greater. The £25 would be paid by standing order each quarter and should the 1% figure be higher the extra amount would be invoiced to the church.

Therefore if your organisation, who wouldn’t otherwise claim Gift aid or GASDS, recorded only £10 of eligible donations per week the minimum cost of the scheme would be easily covered by the extra income generated from the claim.

All prices include VAT

If you have any questions please call 01902 714030